AMMCO Enters License Agreement With Damen Shipyards Of Holland

American Marine and Machinery Company, Inc. (AMMCO) of Nashville, Tenn., has announced the signing of an agreement with Damen Shipyards, Ltd. of Gorinchem, Holland, for the manufacture and marketing of selected models of the Damen line of vessels. The pact establishes AMMCO as exclusive Damen licensee for the entire U.S. market.

AMMCO, a leading builder of standard model portable dredging equipment, has been building dredges and a variety of other marine equipment for more than 25 years. Damen is generally regarded as a leading builder of series-built ships.

The Nashville company will be offering small worklaunches and tug/workboats up to 48 feet, larger worklaunches up to 52 feet, work pontoons to 60 feet, harbor tugboats to 65 feet, A-frame lift barges to 65 tons, general service vessels to 65 feet, and other specialized vessels. AMMCO recently concluded a license agreement with 0 & K Orenstein & Koppel of West Germany for the marketing of that company's line of underwater bucket wheels on an exclusive basis in the North American Market.

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