B&W-Powered Bulk Carrier Delivered By Hitachi Zosen

bulk bwpowered

The 133,361-dwt bulk carrier World Dulce (shown above) was completed recently at the Ariake Works of Hitachi Zosen for Kingdom Company S.A., Panama. This large-capacity bulker was developed specifically to meet world industry's growing raw materials needs. Ore and coal will be her main cargoes.

Her Hitachi/B&W 6L80GFCA main engine has a maximum continuous rating of 18,400 bhp at 106 rpm, which produced a trial speed of 16.50 knots. The ship is fitted with a special nozzle propeller, HZ Nozzle developed by Hitachi, for improved propulsion efficiency. Operation of the main engine is highly automated, as is deck machinery to simplify cargo handling and mooring. Built to Lloyd's Register of Shipping classification, the ship is operated with a complement of 35.

The World Dulce has an overall length of 270.88 meters, beam of 43.00 meters, depth of 23.80 meters, and f u l l - l o a d summer draft of 16.352 meters (888.7 by 141 by 78 by 53.6 feet).

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