Free Brochure Available On Saab Microwave Tank Level Gauging System

Saab Marine Electronics is offering a free technical brochure describing SUM-21, the first microwave operated level gauging system for tankers.

The brochure contains complete details on the Saab SUM-21 performance features, including: No moving parts—Only the rugged antenna is mounted inside the tank—Antenna is insensitive to sludge deposits and not affected by smoke, gases, etc.—Extremely high accuracy of ± 5 mm + 0.05 of measured ullage. For example, ± 1 5 mm in a tank 20 meters deep—High system flexibility providing measurements at sea, automatic trim compensation, and easy connection to load calculators, level alarms, etc.

Saab SUM-21 has no mechanical installation inside the tank atmosphere, consequently, it does not generate high costs for spare parts, service, gas-freeing, and resulting time delays.

The system, during the last six months, has been ordered for all cargo tanks in more than 20 tankers.

About 50 percent of the Saab SUM-21 systems supplied have been ordered for chemical tankers. Also, in crude carriers, installation of Saab SUM-21 is attractive as a consequence of the proposed new IMCO regulations requiring crude oil washing. When using a system based on the microwave principle, it is possible to have accurate ullage readings during the whole washing process.

For copies of the brochure and all information, write to Jack B. Ellsworth, Salwico, Inc., 77 River Street, Hoboken, N.J. 07030.

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