Macmeter Offers Metering Protection

—Literature Available Macmeter®, a cost-effective metering device distributed by North American Marine Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., features a rugged and reliable paddlewheel flow sensor used to verify deliveries, shippers documentation, billing and inventory control. The self-contained unit has several important features including: tamper proof; noncontaminating; no flow restriction; weatherproof; simple installation; ±0.5 percent repeatability; ± 0.5 percent full-range accuracy; digital solid state electronics; and chemical resistant.

Macmeter's flow sensors are made of PVDF, a very strong, tough flurocarbon that is highly resistant to most acids, bases and severe operating and temperature extremes. The paddle free wheels on a polished Hastelloy shaft and does not affect flow characteristics.

Reportedly, Macmeter operates over a broad dynamic range and delivers precise volumetric measuring directly proportional to the paddlewheel rotation velocity which is interfaced with solid-state digital electronics.

Macmeter's housing can be aluminum, brass or stainless steel, and comes in diameter sizes 2 to 4 inches. The unit, which is powered by a 3.75 volt "AA" cell long life battery, has a temperature rating of 85°C maximum at 25 psig, and a pressure rating of 200 psig maximum at 20°C. The system can handle a maximum of 10 percent solids in a fluid volume.

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