Gulf Fleet Marine Offers 20-Page Color Brochure Describing Vessels, Service

Gulf Fleet Marine Corporation, headquartered in New Orleans, La., is offering a 20-page full color brochure describing the range of transportation services it provides to the marine and offshore industries.

A Houston Natural Gas Corporation subsidiary, Gulf Fleet's vessels provide service for offshore exploration, development, and production worldwide. The brochure details the company's tug operations, deck cargo barges, supply vessels, towing/anchor-handling supply vessels, specialized vessels, utility craft, and crewboats. Gulf Fleet's support personnel, and the capabilities of its Quality Shipyard Division located in Houma, La., also are described in the well-illustrated brochure. A handy reference guide for all the Gulf Fleet vessels, broken down by vessel types, is fitted into a coverpocket.

The guide includes data such as: vessel name; dimensions; hp; special features; capacities for bulk mud, liquid mud, and drill water; clear cargo deck area; dwt.; registry, and bollard pull.

There is also a reference list of Gulf Fleet global offices with addresses, and telephone and telex numbers that can be used in conjunction with a world map showing the company's main areas of operations.

For a free Gulf Fleet brochure which includes the reference guides,

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