Floats Ships Off Building Platform Into Drydock

Setenave-A New Portuguese Shipyard Setenave — Estaleiros Navais de Setubal (Setenave Shipyards), was founded in May 1971 for the purpose of operating a new construction shipyard at the mouth of the Sado River, in the vicinity of the town of Setubal, Portugal.


Norshipco Dedicates New $5-Million Repair Pier

Norfolk Shipbuliding and Drydock Corporation (Norshipco), Norfolk, Va., has dedicated its new $5-million, 1,030-foot pier for general ship repair, marking completion of the initial phase of an expansion program expected to nearly double the yard's current 2,200 employment within four years.

Steel Style Delivers Jumbo Floating Drydock

Steel Style, Inc., 401 South Water Street, Newburgh, N.Y. 12550, recently announced the delivery of a jumbo floating drydock to General Dynamics/Electric Boat Division, Groton, Conn. The floating drydock is to become a major component of the $140- million facilities expansion program,

Port Of Portland's Drydock —Largest On West Coast— Arrives At Swan Island Yard

The arrival of the Port of Portland's 982-foot-long floating Dry- Dock 4 completes five years of research, planning and construction, and was made possible by the confidence and financial support of Portland Metropolitan Area voters. The Japanese

Atlantic Sandblasting Receives Fourteen-Ship Mexican Contract

Atlantic Sandblasting & Coatings, Inc. was recently awarded a sandblasting and coatings contract for a total of 14 ships by PEMEX and Sociedad Civil Seccion of Mexico. The first ship of a total of 14, the Plan de Guadalupe, arrived in Tampa, Fla.

McMullen Assoc. Opens Hampton Roads Office —Joseph Bunting Named

John J. McMullen Associates, Inc., naval architects, marine engineers and transportation consultants of One World Trade Center, New York, N.Y. 10048, have announced the opening of a new office located at 2101 Executive Drive, Hampton Roads, Va.

Diamond M Orders Two Jackup Rigs And A Semisubmersible

The board of directors of Diamond M Drilling Company, Houston, TexasJbased international drilling contractor, has authorized the construction of two new selfelevating jackup drilling rigs and a self-propelled semisubmersible drilling vessel. The

Zapper, Inc. Applies For Title XI To Build $9-Million Barge Carrier

The Maritime Administration has received applications from Zapper, Inc., Morgan City, La., for both a Title XI guarantee and construction-differential subsidy (CDS) to aid in financing the construction of one 7,200-dwt semisubmersible, self-propelled barge carrier.

Bath Iron Works Announces Backlog Of $543 Million

Bath Iron Works' Bath, Maine, record-breaking work backlog passed the half-billion-dollar mark with the recent announcement of a firm $150-million Navy fixedprice incentive award to the shipyard for three more guided-missile frigates in the FFG-7

Tankers To Install AIRFILCO Engineering Inert Gas Systems

AIRFILCO Engineering of New Orleans, La., has been awarded the contract to furnish two AIRFILCO Inert Gas Systems for the EXXON, U.S.A. tankers under construction at Avondale Shipyards, Inc. This is the second such contract for AIRFILCO Engineering, Inc.

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