Sperry Joins With Marine Management To Offer Total Computing System

Sperry has joined with Marine Management Systems, Inc. (MMS) of Stamford, Conn., to offer the marine industry a total ship management capability.

Sperry recently introduced a ruggedized version of its Personal Computer to augment its -line of shipboard electronics and communications equipment. The Sperry Marine Computer is offered with MMS' ship management software systems, providing applications in the areas of spare parts inventory management, planned maintenance, fleet payroll/personnel management, and cargo loading. This integrated approach will provide owners and operators with an automated package to increase management efficiency and reduce operating costs.

C.R. Kenny, vice president of marketing for Sperry, stated, "This cooperation of the two companies will enhance Sperry's ability to provide total solutions for ship management to the marine community." MMS has been providing computerized management information systems since 1969, dealing exclusively with shipboard and shoreside application systems and management consulting. "Our joining with Sperry will better position MMS to meet the needs of the industry," said Donald F. Logan Jr., vice president of microsystems, "combining our position as a leader in marine computer systems with Sperry's 76 years of marine navigation and communications manufacturing and worldwide service." The MMS systems are supported through its corporate headquarters in Stamford, as well as through the Marine Management Center, a London- based joint venture of MMS and BP Shipping, Ltd.

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