Jackup Rig For Foramer Completed By Hitachi

completed hitachi

A jackup offshore drilling rig, the lie du Levant (shown above), was completed recently at the Ariake Works of Hitachi Zosen in Japan. The cantilever type rig will be operated by Foramer S.A. of France. Following delivery, the rig was towed to Abu Dhabi, where it was scheduled to begin drilling in late January.

lie du Levant is the first Drill Hope (C-150) rig to be completed to Hitachi's own standard design. Of the 17 drilling rigs ordered from Hitachi, this one is the ninth to be delivered and the fourth to be constructed at the Ariake Works.

Hitachi's standard Drilling Hope design rig is compact in size and light in weight, making it economical to construct. Two additional rigs of the same design are now under construction at the Osaka Works of Hitachi.

Under normal usage, this rig can drill to a depth of 19,685 feet and operate in water depths up to 150 feet. The rig's spud tank is designed so that it is completely contained within the platform, with no projection from the rig bottom. This construction allows the rig to be towed in shallow waters or to be lifted on a barge for transport. The platform is 193.5 feet long, 173.9 feet wide, and 21.3 feet deep. Classed by Bureau Veritas, the rig has accommodations for a maximum complement of 80 persons.

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