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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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The Next-generation INS/GNSS

Post-processing Software

Quality: Green -> centimetric position; Blue -> decimetric < 30cms; Red -> Raw GNSS data

SURVEYING UNDER BRIDGES Å GNSS Altitude (m) - Merged Å Altitude (m) - Merged


This survey has been done with an APOGEE INS under very challenging conditions for the GNSS receiver (red dots).

The boat is crossing multiple times three large bridges including one made of steel.

With Qinertia and its unique 100% in-house

GNSS/INS tightly coupled forward / backward processing, data collected under the bridges are

Altitude – Left GNSS only, Right: Post-processed fully exploitable (blue / green trajectory).

Long GNSS Outages Handling

The Fastest PPK Software Easy & Powerful Exporter outages and multi-path ef ects

Example: up to 80 seconds

Log duration: 2h15 Easy export to third party 95% positions < 2 cms

Processing Time: < 2 mins software (SBET/ ASCII)

Max error < 30 cms

Many thanks to Hydro Systems Development (HSD Japan) for their kind collaboration.

Full data available upon request at

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