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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Images courtesy MetOcean may want to scale it back to once an hour, or even once a day, lite communications industry. The head of? ce in Dartmouth, until you can coordinate a recovery. Nova Scotia, Canada allows incredible access to both the Bed-

The key to the communications is the LINC software that ford Basin and the open ocean, providing engineers with a test

MetOcean Telematics provides. “Anywhere you have internet facility that cannot be replicated in any lab. Satellite of? ces access, you can log on to LINC,” says Aalders. Because the around the globe provide 24-hour customer support. It’s these messages that the Iridium network sends out are safely en- factors which allow MetOcean Telematics to dive into product crypted, this software tracks and fully decodes the informa- research and data collection, working with both the military tion once it is received. “It also allows users to plot the GPS and the commercial oceanographic market.

positions from those beacons on the building map. Not only Whether you are working with a small buoy or a fully au- are you getting real-time positions from the beacons, but you tonomous vehicle, it is valuable. Aalders says his team works can actually physically see them in the software.” to come up with the perfect beacon and solution for each indi-

This is the type of client-focused solution that MetOcean vidual client, protecting assets big and small. The oceans are

Telematics thrives on. There is a company focus on niche deep, dark, and mainly undiscovered. NOVATECH beacons solutions and developing custom products within the satel- are the lifeline. 53

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