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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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the purchase of C&C Technologies in 2015, Oceaneering In- market is segmented into a combination of niche and verti- ternational has also entered into the cable survey industry. cally integrated players, at its periphery are a large number

There are currently about 21 active vessels equipped to per- of small companies that together ? ll the gaps, leading to in- form cable route surveys. Some smaller companies own sur- tegrated solutions across the globe that provide service that vey equipment kits that can be transported to project sites and meet a shared international standard. For the purchasers of mobilized on vessels of opportunity. marine services, this means that expectations are very clear, and must be met every time.

Services Submarine cable services exist within the larger network of

The market for marine services for telecommunications ca- cable system manufacturers, maintenance providers, and car- bles continues to mature. In addition to highly visible large riers – who are the ultimate customers for marine services. vessels, the market includes services such as: The 30-year trend towards telecommunications privatization • Shallow water installation and maintenance and transition to non-carrier providers of telecommunication • Cable Depots services (i.e., “tech” content providers) has led to increased • Desktop studies and route engineering competition and sensitivity to costs. Although there are some • GIS software and charting aspects of the market that remain from a time when telecom- • Cable awareness and cable protection munications were globally regarded as a government service, • Personnel resourcing this perspective has largely been replaced by a market-based

From small companies to large, the marine telecommuni- approach. While global macroeconomic factors do have an cations services marketplace is common in one respect: the effect on marine services, the dominant effects are nearer to requirement for highly specialized services. Although the home, with the oil, gas, and power cable sectors all relying ? Manual or water activated

Find a marked object ? Commercial grade anywhere underwater...

? Uses standard batteries with a JW Fishers acoustic pinger ? 1,000’ depth capability ? Multiple frequencies available ? Operator adjustable settings ? Starting at $995

JW Fishers Mfg., Inc.

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