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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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U.S. Marine Sgt. Hadden Sherman, an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician, assigned to 4th Platoon Littoral

Explosive Ordnance Neutralization (LEON), 1st EOD Com- pany, 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 1st Marine Logistical

Group, works with an AMY unmanned surface vehicle used for sea ? oor mapping and mine hunting, as part of Baltic

Operations (BALTOPS) 2021.

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Robin Lewis

Virtually indestructible

HMS-620 BUBBLE GUN “EMILY is made of Kevlar and aircraft-grade composites. It can handle a 30-foot wave. It can be thrown out of a helicopter

MARINE SEISMIC SYSTEM or off bridges, Mulligan said. “It’s virtually indestructible.” APPLICATIONS

EMILY has been used in Mongolia and Kazakhstan during ? oods, in Indonesia for tsunami response, and in Greece to ?ŽA?lAuYOsYGG?sYO rescue migrants. ?^SAuuŽ?'A?,A?A?E^??|G?

With Of? ce of Naval Research funding, EMILY has been ?'GŽlGÐSYsÐAu/Y|G?OOAOŽY upsized to a 65” and 75” Autonomous Mobile Bouy ISR plat- ?Ki?SŽ?GtsYEd??dsYG form called AMY with tracking cameras, radar, weather sta- ?Aw^slG^??|G??

tion, and sonar imaging. ?^AYEZG?Ž??ÐG/Y|G?OOAOŽY

Most recently, EMILY, AMY, and a pair of other Hydronalix solutions--NIX and ADAPT—were used in demonstrations as part of the BALTOPS 2021 multi-national military exercises conducted in June in and around the Baltic Sea.

More than 3000

Shot Samples

AMY is a general purpose USV that can be customized with

Phase & Amplitude sensors above and below the surface, such as radar, cameras tA|GuGlŽ??GuAOŽY?????

HMS-620D and sonar. It can also serve as a gateway buoy to relay infor- mation from underwater vehicles to networks above the sur-

Sand Reclamation Data Collected Using HMS-620

Courtesy URI Graduate School of Oceanography face. At 145 lbs., NIX is about the same size as AMY, but is faster (20 knots-plus), has longer endurance (24 hours) and can carry cargo as well as sensors.

The Hydronalix UAV—ADAPT—complements the compa- ny’s boats. ADAPT is low-cost (so much so it’s disposable), and can carry a small payload. It requires no training or skill,”

Mulligan said. “You ? y it with your cell phone.” )DOPRXWK6FLHQWL¿F,QF 3RFDVVHW0$86$ 7HO?)D[


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